"The true purpose of our business is to listen and create logistics, supply-chain and transportation solutions, to solve and support the efforts of our customers, to partner and provide industry expertise today and in the future."

Our core values include; honesty, integrity, loyalty, commitment, and teamwork.  Nu-Way builds and sustains long-term relationships through passionate, fanatical customer service, and by utilizing our people, technology, and equipment.

Problem solving is at the heart of everything we do

Through problem solving, we develop customized solutions for our customers that make a substantial impact on their lives, the lives of their customers and employees. Specialized, distinct Nu-Way solutions are fostered through the integration of our core values and beliefs which are evident in every relationship we build and practiced by each and every Nu-Way employee. We stress honesty, integrity, loyalty, commitment, and teamwork, all of which make up the foundation of our unique solutions value proposition.

Nu-Way tailors comprehensive logistics solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers with years of proven success. As your full-service transportation partner, our goal is to provide supply chain solutions that meet your highest standards, improve your efficiency, and increase your profitability.