Investing in technology

Nu-Way deploys innovative, transportation management technology in order to offer our clients customized, efficient transportation solutions. 

Nu-Way partners with Industry leader Trimble, utilizing TMWSuite for their transportation management technology solution.  This transportation management technology solution offers a host of competitive supply chain tools, including the ability to: dispatch and manage dedicated assets; seamlessly integrate with PeopleNet on-board technology; provide customer integration and visibility through EDI, XML and customer-facing web portals; and administer all transportation and logistics functions, such as planning and optimization, carrier selection and management and freight audit and payment. 

Optimization Toolset

The Continuous Improvement and Engineering Team has a wide range of tools including Continuous Move Planner, Direct Route, Resource Pro, SAS Analytics, and Birst.  These tools along with our operational expertise allows us to not only design efficient networks from large amounts of transactional data, but the integration with TMW creates a robust and dynamic solution for ongoing optimization.

Electronic OnBoard Computers

Nu-Way tractors are equipped with PeopleNet electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs), which play a key role in continuing to improve our safety record, reporting and productivity. Although electronic on-board recorders will soon be federally mandated in all heavy-duty vehicles, Nu-Way opted to install the technology several years ago in order to have better visibility to what drivers and vehicles are doing on a minute-by-minute basis.

The EOBRs offer electronic logging and DVIRs and several additional capabilities, including data capture and communication, ECM integration, driver monitoring and GPS. The devices ensure time savings, increased productivity, customer satisfaction, tracking and improved communication.

Dash Cams

In September 2017 Nu-Way ventured in to yet another protective measure to help our drivers better their driving techniques. Nu-Way currently is 100% fully installed with the People Net dash cam system. This technology not only allows great visibility in the event of a vehicle accident, but allows the driver to interact with the company and show us what he/she see on a daily basis.

Nu-Way’s focus on the “near misses”, or the situations that show our driver’s defensive driving strategies at work have greatly impacted the safety of Nu-Way. The Dash Cam program assists not only the potential litigation risk if involved in an accident, but also the driver perspective on how he/she can constantly tweak their known skills to allow them to always be that defensive driver.

Nu-Way Horizons

This secure customer web portal allows all of our customers to take advantage of the PeopleNet communication device in our fleet.  While our Operations Team is happy to answer any customer requests, we also offer real-time shipment tracking and asset visibility information on-line.  Not only does the map show where a truck is, it also has the power to tell the user where it has been, at what time, specific delivery information, and ETA on future planned stops.

KPI & Reporting Solution

By transforming data into information, Nu-Way’s business intelligence tools allow customers and managers to collaborate around a live reporting feed, accessible 24 / 7 from any internet connection.  Reports and KPI’s can be custom designed and continuously updated, and include monitoring of empty miles, MPG, truck / driver hours utilization, on time % and trailer utilization.  As an example, a trailer movement history and dwell time report will bring visibility to trailers idle at facilities.  Inefficiencies can be immediately recognized and solved, without waiting for the next “report-out,” update meeting, or data extract. 

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