Incorporating the safest practices and procedures for your security

Nu-Way provides specialized services for flatbed shippers.  We not only spot the trailers in-or-out of the shippers' facilities, we also untarp or tarp the trailers as well.  Nu-Way incorporates the safest practices and processes which allows our customers to minimize risk.  We provide efficiency for the carrier base by having outbound loads driver ready.  When the carrier's drivers arrive to pick up their loads, they are only required to inspect the load and tighten the straps, thus saving valuable time for driving.

Our customer guarantee ... we will provide the safest, uninterrupted services to enable you, our customer, to fulfill the production and service obligations of your customer. When you partner with Nu-Way, you quickly understand that our goal is to deliver, make good on promises and exceed expectations.

The tarping process

The tarping process is explained below.

  • The tarping process begins with prepping the truck.
  • The next step is to place the tarps on the load.
  • After tarps have been installed and all bungees are in place, we take the load outside.
  • The next step is to strap and place corner protectors on the load.
  • In the next step we return the load to the drop yard where the carriers' driver will inspect the load, finish tightening the straps to their own specifications, and then depart for customer delivery.

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