• Why use Nu-Way?

    Our people, core values and mission.  We tailor our services to meet the needs of our customer-base.

    "The true purpose of our business is to listen and create logistics, supply-chain and transportation solutions, to solve and support the efforts of our customers, to partner and provide industry expertise today and in the future."

    Our core values include: honesty, integrity, loyalty, commitment, and teamwork.  Nu-Way builds and sustains long-term relationships through passionate, fanatical customer service, and by utilizing our people, technology, and equipment.

    At Nu-Way, job number one is to provide consistent, honest and sincere service well after we've inked the deal and executed the contract. That's why our customers RENEW their contracts.  It's who we are, what we do each and everyday, providing value and much needed expertise to each and every customer alliance and partnership.

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  • Why outsource transportation?

    There are several advantages to outsourcing your transportation and logistics needs.

    • Reduced risk.
    • Allows customers the opportunity to focus on their core business.
    • Streamlined their transportation processes.
    • Competitive advantages.
    • Improved delivery, productivity and accuracy.
    • Safety & compliance provisions which create flexibility.

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