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About Nu-Way

a "new way" of servicing the transportation industry

Our commitment to customer service excellence has been the cornerstone of our success since 1994 when Nu-Way was founded by Vernon Schrof.  A 45-year veteran of the transportation industry, Vernon was serving as President and Chief Executive Officer of a leading transportation industry carrier when he recognized the growing need for a new ("Nu") way of providing customized transportation solutions. His vision included creating an asset-based third-party logistics provider that understood dedicated transportation, supply chain management, inventory control and most importantly, customer service.  As the name clearly indicates, Nu-Way became that provider.

Today, over 400 passionate employees are working with clients across the country to make Vernon's vision a reality each and every day. Through Vernon's leadership and enthusiasm, Nu-Way has created and cultivated a distinct culture that stimulates excellence in customer service, creates leaders, empowers colleagues and services their client-base through the provision of industry excellence and caring.  With advances in technology, committed to providing economical, high-quality, customized service that exceeds their expectations and the best in specialized equipment, our customers know Nu-Way has the tools and people to deliver.

Nu-Way Transportation